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Bleep Eclipse Pre-Sale Annual Bundle


This item will be released at a future date.

1x Bleep Eclipse Connector Kit Frame: $49.99
24x Bleep Halos Boxes: $431.76 (each $17.99)
1x Bleep DreamPrep: $12.99
1 x CPAP Tubing Management System: $15.99

Note: Pre-orders must be purchased separately. Orders do not ship until the product is manufactured and released Fall 2022. Free shipping.

Bleep Eclipse Connector Kit Frame

Eclipse™ Connector Kit by BLEEP requires separately purchased Halos™ for use.  Kit includes a diffuser & flexible Tube. Eclipse system uses Connector Kit & Halos adhesive in place of headgear. BLEEP has the only Clinically proven NO LEAKS PAP solution on the market. NO HEADGEAR, NO MASK LINES, NO BROKEN HAIR. The system has 2 parts: reusable Eclipse Connector Kit and disposable Halos sold separately. Halos connect using the world’s first ever MagSeal® technology for rapid connection/disconnection- use all 16 nights of ports to evaluate. Covered by Medicare & insurance, FDA cleared to Market and the only fully MADE in USA solution.

Bleep Halos

Halos®  Pack of 32 Halos is a 16 day supply of disposable interface for the Eclipse CPAP Headgear Free CPAP frame (sold separately). Halos are the only clinically proven not to leak, headgear free CPAP solution and the only CPAP solution fully made in the USA. Eliminates/significantly reduces claustrophobia, and drives patient comfort and health. Nothing inserts into the nostrils, reducing irritation.   Halos are hypoallergenic using gentle surgical grade, PBA, Corn and Latex-Free adhesive. Application requires gentle cleansing of the nasal area using Dream Preps™ or mild astringent such as witch hazel or alcohol for oily skin; ensure that skin is dry before applying ports. Note that soap contains oils which interfere with seal. Using a mild astringent is critical for an optimal seal.

Bleep DreamPrep

DreamPreps Witch Hazel Facial Pads are designed to help remove dirt and oils from your face before application of the Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution CPAP Interface. Each canister includes with 100 wipes.

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