SomnoSeal: Nasal-Breathing Trainer Device


The SomnoSeal is a revolutionary, patent-pending mouthpiece designed to enhance comfort and effectiveness during CPAP therapy by promoting nasal breathing and preventing mouth breathing. This soft, flexible device fits comfortably in front of your teeth, blocking unwanted mouth airflow. This design helps to prevent the dry mouth often associated with snoring and CPAP use, making your treatment more comfortable and efficient.

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Key Features:

  • Promotes Nasal Breathing: Encourages breathing through the nose, optimizing CPAP therapy efficiency.
  • Comfort Fit Design: Soft and flexible material fits gently in front of the teeth, allowing the jaw to relax slightly without air escaping the mouth.
  • Versatile Use: Can be used alone or in combination with other mouth closure aids such as chin straps and mouth tape.

Sizing Guide:

  • Small (Recommended for Females): Width: 4 inches, Height: 1.5 inches. Ideal for smaller jawlines, allowing enough space for jaw movement without discomfort.
  • Medium (Recommended for Males): Width: 4.33 inches, Height: 1.75 inches. Suits broader jawlines while providing ample room for jaw motion.

Each pack includes:

  • One SomnoSeal in your chosen size
  • Instruction Card
  • Individually packaged for hygiene and convenience

Optimize your sleep therapy experience with SomnoSeal and enjoy a more comfortable, efficient night’s sleep.


Small, Medium

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