Bleep DreamWay Vent Diffuser Replacement Kit


Do you like your PAP mask quiet? So do we. That’s why Bleep created a new product for DreamPort®/DreamWay users to take advantage of moving forward. The all new replacement Vent Diffuser Kit for the exhaust on the DreamWay is finally here, which includes one (1) hook and loop strap preassembled with two vent filters and four (4) additional white media vent filters to be replaced as needed. Easy to assemble, the Vent Diffuser Kit works with the Upgraded DreamWay and the older model DreamWay, giving you a quiet night of PAP sleep with every use.

Note: Shipping of Eclipse™ Magnetic Frame and Eclipse™ Halos™ will occur once we have inventory. You will receive product shipping confirmation when the product is shipped. Shipping for all other products including DreamPort®, DreamWay, diffusers, replacement tubing, tube management, and DreamPreps will occur within 24-48 hours of order, again, you will receive a confirmation email when shipping occurs.

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Weight0.63 oz
Dimensions6.18 × 2.48 × 0.31 in

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