Bleep Sleep DreamPorts® 3 Month Bundle (DreamWay Mask Not Included)


3 Month Bundle of DreamPort® – contains 6 boxes of DreamPort®. Each Box contains 32 nightly disposables. The DreamWay mask is sold separately.

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Pack of 32 DreamPorts® which is a 16 day supply (coded as nasal pillows for insurance reimbursement) of the disposable interface for the DreamWay Frame (DreamWay mask is coded as a Nasal Mask for insurance reimbursement). DreamPorts® are the only clinically proven not to leak, headgear free CPAP solution and the only CPAP solution fully made in the USA. * Must use astringent to clean around application sight – isopropyl alcohol is strongly recommended. *


Bleep, LLC

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