Bleep Sleep DreamPorts® Starter Bundle


1 x Bleep DreamWay Frame Connector Kit: $39.95
2 x Bleep DreamPorts®: $31.98 (each $15.99)
1 x Bleep DreamPrep: $12.99

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Bleep DreamWay Frame Connector Kit

Bleep DreamWay Connector Kit w/NEW Improved tubing & cuff. Connector Kit REQUIRES DREAMPORTS® which are SOLD SEPARATELY. Properly connected means NO LEAKS, NO MASK LINES, NO BROKEN HAIR, no dry eye. Nothing goes in the nose, eliminating irritation. Application with easy on/easy off skin friendly surgical tape DreamPorts®. (Avoid if you have a tape allergy). Sleep in any position. *When attaching connector kit to the DreamPort®, twist to connect onto the port. * PLEASE reach out on our website for help if needed. If noisy, check connection between port and frame. Trim tape to produce custom fit on DreamPorts® (sold separately).

Bleep DreamPorts®

Pack of 32 DreamPorts® which is a 16 day supply (coded as nasal pillows for insurance reimbursement) of disposable interface for the DreamWay CPAP Headgear Free CPAP Mask (DreamWay frame is coded as a Nasal Mask for insurance reimbursement). DreamPorts® are the only clinically proven not to leak, headgear free CPAP solution and the only CPAP solution fully made in the USA. * Must use astringent to clean around application sight – isopropyl alcohol is strongly recommended. *

Bleep DreamPrep

DreamPreps Witch Hazel Facial Pads are designed to help remove dirt and oils from your face before application of the Bleep DreamPort® Sleep Solution CPAP Interface. Each canister includes with 100 wipes.

Weight2.29 oz
Dimensions6.02 × 4.53 × 2.05 in

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